level13 acquires cloud provider swiss-secure.cloud

level13 has extended its current portfolio by acquiring the start-up company swiss-secure.cloud. The cloud provider is known for its high privacy data storage offer to SMEs and individuals.

Data protection and especially its storage has become more important, but also more sensitive than ever. In the time of increasing remote collaboration, the necessity of having a mutual drive for sharing and storing data has become indispensable. Instant and uninterrupted access to shared information is one of the backbones of successful companies’ organization structure. Any disturbance in accessing shared data or even the loss of it is devastating and exposes companies and individuals to various spheres of risk management.

While Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive became everyday tools for mutual storage, the question of the geographical location of the data storage remains often unanswered, or do you know where your data is stored? The implications of this question are far more reaching than appearing at a first glance, as jurisdictions and legal processes may differ greatly from each other depending on the location.

level13 has recognized this need of businesses and individuals, who want to have full control over their data and has now extended its offer by providing a new service of storing data exclusively in Switzerland.

For further information on level13 and its price plans, please visit our website or drop us a line. We are happy to help you saving your Swiss Data.

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